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Freeze dried is a process whereby we remove the moisture from the fruit using a vacuum (not the kind you have at home!). This special process ensures maximum nutrient retention.

Imagine a raw broccoli. With the water, this is quite heavy. When we remove the moisture, this reduces exponentially. Since we buy raw materials based on weight, it means 18gr of virtually weightless products require a lot more raw material then 18gr of raw material with the moisture still in the product.

We then have to pay the farmers, ship our product to the UK, and the supermarkets take a cut too. We actually think we've done pretty well at keeping the price under £2. Imagine a cup of coffee at Starbucks these days - This can cost on average £3-£4 and that's just for some milk, and flavoured water...

Please email us: mail@givingtreesnacks.com