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London’s best FREE fitness classes

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Now January is over, the month of resolutions and making changes - we think it's important you keep up the good work and to encourage you we've sourced the best fitness classes in London - and most of all.. they're FREE!

Keeping fit shouldn't cost a bomb. These fantastic free classes mean keeping fit, having fun and also a great opportunity to meet new, likeminded people too.

Here are our favourites..

Lululemon Yoga

10.30am-11.30am each Sunday

Lululemon’s Covent Garden flagship is more than meets the eye with their fantastic fitness wear. Every Sunday, products are pushed back to form an impromptu yoga studio. Class styles vary, with each led by instructors from local yoga hotspots. Make sure you check out the link and book early though..these spaces don't last long!


Nike+ Training Club

Nike+ Training Club, 6.30pm-7.30pm, every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Nike Home Run, the weekly NRC Home Run. Pick your pace. Pick your distance. Choose from a 5km, 7km or 10km run.

NRC coaches and pacers will help you to unlock some of London's most iconic sights on this social run. When you run with this crowd, there's a space for everyone, bring your friends and get ready to make a few more.

Find your next run through the link above, get ready to boost your running regime - ideal for beginners and intermediates


 Asics Running Club - Beginners

ASICS Running Club – The store team offers a friendly running club open to runners of all abilities. Managed by professional and highly experienced coaches, the ASICS Running Clubs feature a number of scenic routes throughout London. We depart twice a week from the store in Jubilee Place:

Tuesday 6.30pm* (4k run beginners & intermediate)Thursday 6.30pm (7k intermediate)

*Accessible for all levels. Arrive at the store ready to leave at 6.30PM

Sweaty Betty Pilates Club 6.30pm-7.15pm every Tuesday

To become eligible for the class, you’ll need to become a member, which is simple enough – just ask one of the staff to sign you up for free! Remember to book ahead.. check out their stylish fitness wear too!


Sweat Shop 7pm every Monday for 5km run; 7pm every Wednesday for 8km run

Running doesn't have to be repetitive. Sweat Shop’s run clubs, held at branches across London, aim to make it more sociable and that bit more fun. The entry level distance is 5K – but a pace keeper at the back means you won’t be left lagging behind. Each session logged earns you a stamp which can be redeemed against products in store, like a cardio Boots card - woo freebies!

Night Skate From 8pm, every Friday Forget spinning, theres a new set of wheels taking over London. This adrenalin-fueled team skate whizzes through London in darkness every Friday evening. Skaters meet at Hyde Park (Marble Arch end) at 8pm , lace up, and then take to the streets. Roller past the iconic London sights and enjoy the scenery, don't worry though team wardens stay at the front to warn traffic! We will add though, you need to be able to skate at a basic level! Perfect for you adrenaline junkies


Sweaty Betty Frame Barre Club 12.30pm-1.30pm every Wednesday

Lunchtime session in East London means a hip ballet / conditioning class. Always a sell out so book ahead and try something new!

P.S  - Don't forget.. the perfect snack post exercise to keep you satisfied and curbing those sweet cravings. Our Giving Tree range - 7 different packs to try available in WholeFoods, Planet Organic, Ocado, Holland & Barrett and more...


Check us out on our Social Media platforms..we LOVE to hear from you guys :)

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January, let there be moderation!

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Dry January, you've most likely heard someone at work, University or a friend/family member talking about this wonderful concept..

But what actually is it?

We know so many of you will have over indulged on the booze over the Christmas period and therefore what a great idea to banish the booze for a whole month. Now we know the month is nearly over but don't give up.. you still have 12 days left! Last year over 2 million people cut down their drinking for January. From significant health benefits including weight loss and better sleep, to more money in your pocket – what have you got to lose?


You’re more likely to stick with it and feel the benefits if you sign up, so take the challenge, banish the booze and feel like a new you!

Plus the money you donate will help Alcohol Concern, the national charity dedicated to tackling the harm caused by alcohol to individuals, families and society.

Government guidelines recommend that we should be aiming for at least two alcohol free days each week, in order for our livers to repair and detox. Andrew Langford, the chief executive of the British Liver Trust says, “One in four people tested were showing the early signs of liver disease. Caught at this early stage, lifestyle changes allow the liver to repair itself. Having an alcoholic drink every night, overindulging in rich food too frequently and not making time for regular exercise are major contributing factors for liver disease. As everyone is affected differently, and symptoms are almost unrecognisable until the damage is beyond repair”. In fact, liver disease is now the fifth biggest killer in the UK and figures are rising.

Here at Giving Tree HQ we realise that everything should be kept in moderation, we believe that its ok to occasionally treat yourself to a glass of wine or your favourite indulgent meal.

However, as much as banishing the booze for a month is fantastic, it's important to remember binging in ANYTHING is not good for your body. Whether it's alcohol or food.

Healthy snacking IS possible though and snacking shouldn't be prohibited, instead before reaching for a bag of salt ridden and fat laden crisps, get your hands on our Giving Tree fruit and veg crisps!


You can choose from 7 different flavours of goodness. Our broccoli and pumpkin crisps make amazing toppings for salads and soups as well as our fruit crisps which are perfect on porridge and yogurt bowls or even crushed and added to smoothies and juices!

Try yours now whilst they are on offer this month at Ocado and WholeFoods London!


We love to hear from you so drop by and say hello... :)

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Healthy January Resolutions!

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January, the month of those revolutionary resolutions that we often can’t seem to truly keep! We all know how hard it can be to maintain resolutions and keep up the motivation and encouragement to continue.

Here at Giving Tree HQ we’ve all been discussing ours, and the same topic is brought up post Christmas..healthy eating and getting rid of those pesky Christmas pounds!

Weight loss isn't the most important factor though, we just all want to be a better version of ourselves inside, and out!

Over the festive period it is so easy to over indulge, with selection boxes up to our eyeballs, mounds of cheese and heaped bowls of crisps lying around the prezzies, it’s difficult to eat well and avoid the junk when you’re quite literally surrounded by it!

Not to worry though our lovely friends, as it’s not too late to swap that handful of naughty left over treats for a handful of Giving Tree fruit and veg crisps instead.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 12.42.40

We don’t want to be pushy but our snacks are really very yummy! We aim to provide the tastiest snacks for every age. Children love ‘em and they're the perfect size for lunch boxes or for the busy on the go health conscious consumer or even your granddad who may quite not believe you can now buy fruit AND veg crisps!


And to help you along the way, our lovely stockists – Wholefoods and Ocado have Giving Tree on sale this month..so now there really is no excuse!

To set you going for the New Year here are two easy recipes to follow for the perfect snack for any time of the day!

Fruity Faces: (this one is great for the kids!)


1 apple or pear (melon is also great too!)

1 bag of strawberry Giving Tree crisps


Simply grab your favourite fruit, we like to use apples or pears, carefully cut into even similar shaped pieces. Save the pips!

Now arrange into your favourite faces, perfect for children as a fun and easy way to get 2 of your portions of 5 a day!

Another favourite recipe of ours is one that is ideal for a snack at any time of the day..

Apple, Peanut butter and Yogurt swirl


1 bag of Giving Tree apple crisps

Small bowl of low-fat natural, plain, unsweetened yogurt

Sprinkling of coconut sugar  or honey (optional)

1 teaspoon of crunchy, natural peanut butter


Take a bowl and pour a small portion of yogurt (150g approx)

Ensuring the peanut butter has been at room temperature take a teaspoon full (you can add a little more if you like!) and gently swirl into the yogurt evenly.

Add the apple crisps on top and sprinkle with coconut sugar..and hey presto - A filling, fruity and fun recipe for all ages and any time of the day!

apple and peanut b snack  

Grab yours now, and let us know what you think of them – we love hearing from you :)

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Christmas Hamper!

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 To celebrate the christmas season, we collaborated with our sister brand Chi to offer you an incredible hamper worth £230. What’s included in the Christmas hamper ?




  Gift card


Our raw coconut water is the most pure coconut water that you can find in the market. It is unheated with nothing added and nothing taken away. This means both the taste and nutritional content are unchanged. This product is also 100% organic, fairtrade and sustainable. Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 15.37.51    


This innovative range of all-natural, preservative-free fruit and vegetable crisps undergo a combination of freeze-drying and vacuum frying to ensure maximum nutrients and superior taste. Rich in antioxidants, potassium and fibre, they are a convenient way of reaching your 5-a-day. Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 15.12.11


It is really easy, all you need to do: 1   Follow Chi & Giving Tree on Instagram or/and  Twitter or/and Facebook 2   Repost Chi Christmas hamper on Facebook or/and Instagram or/and twitter The competition will be running from the 20th November 2015 to the 18th December 2015  3pm, so good luck everyone! Here are the links : Chi Facebook:https: www.facebook.com/chibrands Twitter: @chicocowater  Instagram: @chicoconutwater Giving Tree Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GivingTreeSnacks/ Twitter: @givingtreesnack Instagram: @givingtreesnack Chi & Giving Tree Christmas Hamper T&Cs: Correct entries will be submitted into our prize draw, and a winner selected at random. The winner will be contacted via twitter or Facebook, or Instagram and must respond within 48 hours to receive their prize; otherwise a new winner will be selected. Open to UK residents only.