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How To Make Your Own Mango Citrus Whipped Body Butter

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A perfectly light and silky butter that’s more like whipped cream. The uplifting citrus scent plus the healing properties of mango and Shea Butter make this the perfect lotion for soothing dry skin after the shower. It also has just the right texture for a massage, so consider this a gift for someone who could use a little pampering.

What You’ll Need:

  • Double boiler
  • Metal spoon
  • 2 small glass jam jars (100ml each)
  • Digital kitchen scale
  • Whisk
  • Ice water bath


How To Make It?

1. Measure all of the ingredients precisely, then add the oils and butters into the double boiler. Melt gently, not letting the mixture get too hot.
2. Set up the ice water bath by adding water and ice to a bowl large enough for the top pot of the double boiler to fit in. When the oils and butter are melted, move the pot to the ice bath and stir in the essential oils and cornstarch.
3. When the mixture is beginning to cool, whip until stiff peaks form. This will happen quickly when the butter is cool enough.
4. Scoop the whipped butter into two clean glass jars and seal airtight. Use within a few months as there are no preservatives to prevent spoiling. Add the contents of a few Vitamin E tablets before whipping for a slightly more extended shelf life.

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