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National Obesity Awareness.. Jan’U’ary!

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This week is the UK National Obesity Awareness week.

The aim is to encourage the UK general public to help improve the nation’s health. Whether it’s cooking more healthily, avoiding snacks, or being a little more physically active this is a fantastic opportunity to help encourage your family, friends and yourself to stay healthy. There is always room for making improvements to your lifestyle, whether it’s making changes to what we eat, drinking more water, or being a bit more physically active. Even small changes can make BIG differences!


The Government’s 2007 Foresight Report asserted that, if nothing was done to stop the continued rise in obesity, by 2050 more than half of the UK population could be obese. The cost of this to the NHS could be as much as £10 billion per year. The total cost to society would be more than £50 billion per year.

It’s something we all need to think about as a nation. Not only can we improve our health, and that of our families and friends, we can reduce the demands on our hospitals and health services 🙂

Eating more healthily is one of the simplest changes most of us can make to improve out health and lose weight.  But knowing what to change and how can seem a bit daunting.

What food is good for you and what’s not? Is it possible to make a healthy meal that tastes great? Can it be done quickly? Can it be done on a budget?  And what if you’ve not got the skills or kitchen utensils of your average Michelin starred chef?

All of these questions mean that many of us trade healthy eating for more convenience or lower cost alternatives, even if they’re not good for us.

This JanUary, all it takes is a few simple changes that could truly end up changing your lifestyle.



How much added sugar could you save by making a pretty simple change to what you eat or drink?


Sugar is added to SO many food and drink products, often food brands disguise added sugars by clever food marketing and labelling such as  ‘low fat’ or ‘reduced sugar’ but actually sugar is found in many ready to eat foods because as a nation we have a huge sweet tooth.

Therefore, we urge you to follow these 3 foolproof steps;

1. If you do buy ready-to-go food/drink products.. PLEASE read the nutritional labelling of them. Look out for the traffic light labelling, which indicates RED as being high in that nutrient, AMBER as medium and GREEN as low. Therefore, try avoiding products with RED labelling or limit yourself to these.


2. When possible try make your own meals and drinks, therefore you know exactly what is going into your food and this can be controlled so much more easily. There are now so many helpful websites with simple, affordable and easy recipes to create for breakfast, lunch and dinner so there really is no excuse.

Here are a few of our favourites..




Don’t forget healthy snacking is allowed..yes we advise you to avoid having your favourite chocolate bar everyday or salted peanuts, and bags of oil laden crisps. However, you can snack still but the healthy way and everything in moderation!

Our Giving Tree fruit and veg crisps are the ultimate guilt-free snack. Choose from 7 different varieties and remember we don’t add ANY salt, sugar, preservatives or additives to our snacks. Throw one into your lunch box and children love ’em too! You can even try them sprinkled on soups, salads, cereals and yogurt! The options are ENDLESS

3. Move more! The difference of climbing those stairs at work or on the tube everyday, to walking to work or an extra dog walk all helps keep your heart healthy and working!

Please support JanUary’s thunderclap – to make your New Year’s resolution to have a #HealthyJanUary and #dosomethinggoodforU.


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