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It’s all about the Yoghurt recipes!

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We are absolutely loving mixing up our breakfasts at the moment with lighter recipes now Winter is over it can be so lovely to have a breakfast that does't need to give you that warm feeling like porridge but instead yoghurt makes a great option too, and so versatile. If you are Dairy Free these are perfect for you and remember the non-dairy free yoghurt recipes, you can always substitute for the dairy free versions! 1. This recipe is DELICIOUS and especially good if you like fruit flavours. We used Blueberry yoghurt from The Coconut Collaborative, Giving Tree Strawberry Crisps and fresh banana sliced up. A sprinkling of chia seeds is also delicious and granola for an extra crunch. Coconut Collaborative is totally dairy free, gluten and soya free too!Screenshot 2016-05-10 12.28.25 2. Co Yo is so thick and creamy it feels like your being far too naughty to have this for breakfast, however with only coconut milk and dairy free again as well as no added sugars this is one of our favourites! We mixed the natural and raw chocolate yoghurts together to create a delicious breakfast with a drizzle of Pip & Nut Peanut Butter and our Giving Tree strawberry crips plus chia seeds!Screenshot 2016-05-10 12.30.22 3. Yorica - This creation is from the fantastic totally free from every allergen Ice-cream/Fro Yo store in Soho! This was violet and matcha green tea plus our Giving Tree crisps for toppings. We couldn't believe this was allergen free and so delicious!Screenshot 2016-05-10 12.30.32 4. A very simple yet super delicious recipe, simply use your favourite natural yoghurt add granola and crushed Giving Tree strawberry crisps or your favourite flavour! Screenshot 2016-05-10 12.30.42

Portion Control – Are your eyes bigger than your belly?

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It's a common problem for us lovers of food, that it can often be hard to say no to seconds, and when food is infront of you we tend to 'pick' and overindulge when in reality are stomachs are more than full. It takes self-control to put back that extra portion, or stop yourself from reaching for a naughty dessert but modern day society doesn't seem to help us either!

Back in a modern kitchen, you suddenly notice how large everything is – 28cm has become a normal diameter for a dinner plate, which in the 1950s would have been 25cm. Serving on these large plates doesn't mean that we have to serve ourselves bigger portions, but we generally tend to! Brian Wansink is a psychologist (author of Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think) who has done numerous experiments to prove what you would hope common sense might already tell us: that oversized tableware makes us consume bigger portions. Take for example, a large ice-cream scoop makes you take more ice-cream; a short glass makes you pour more juice. This is because it doesn't look as much, so we  feel we are consuming roughly the same amount.

What a recommended portion actually looks like


It seems that the only people who are immune to big portions are tiny children. Up until the age of three or four, children have an enviable ability to stop eating when they are full. After that age, this self-regulation of hunger is lost, and sometimes never relearned. This is a cross-cultural phenomenon, from London to Beijing. One study from the US found that when three-year olds were served small, medium and larger portions of macaroni cheese, they always ate roughly the same amount. By contrast, five-year-olds ate a lot more when the portion of macaroni cheese was oversized.

In a world where food is ever-present, many of us have become like Alice in Wonderland, controlled by cakes that say Eat Me and bottles that say Drink Me. As the nutritionist Marion Nestle remarked 10 years ago in her book, What to Eat: “It is human nature to eat when presented with food, and to eat more when presented with more food.” The trouble is that we are pushed more food, more often, every day. In 2013, the British Heart Foundation published a report called Portion Distortion on how portion sizes in Britain have changed since 1993. Back then, the average American-style muffin weighed 85g, whereas 20 years later it was not uncommon to find muffins weighing 130g. Ready meals have also ballooned in size, with chicken pies expanding by 49% and the average shepherd’s pie nearly doubling in size since 1993 (from 210g to 400g).


Our problem with portions and portion control, is partly this: no one likes the concept of “less”. We are conditioned from childhood onwards to yearn for the overflowing glass and the laden table. An easy way to address this at home is simply to use smaller tableware.

Often at the end of a meal, you may not really be hungry but yearn for something sweet. First of all, ensure you are keeping hydrated and drinking enough water throughout the day too as thirst can often be mistaken for hunger. Once you have finished a meal, enjoy your favourite herbal tea or fruit flavour infused water. If you still are craving that sweet treat, then opt for a healthy version of your favourite indulgent treat such as our Giving Tree snacks which are the same nutrition as fresh and SO tasty. If you fancy that chocolate bar, then allow yourself a few squares instead of the whole block!

Healthy gadgets for on the go snacking!

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Let’s be honest: most of the time, being healthy is not convenient. If you fancy a quick snack at work or need to grab breakfast on the go, you often have to settle for whatever’s on offer at your local shop and usually, it’s not exactly what you want.

The best way to avoid this situation is simple – BE PREPARED. But how? Healthy gadgets are here to help..

Fortunately, there are a number of wonderful items available to help make the whole process easier. Here are five things that will help you to become healthier on a day-to-day basis. They’re all affordable too – hooray!

1. Blender Bottle GoStak – starting from £9.00 So simple, and yet so clever. You can stock up on bags of nuts, seeds, dried fruit etc., and fill each of the little interlocking jars so that you have snacks for the day ahead. This way you have tasty treats to hand at all times, and you're also able to make sure you don’t overindulge. Take a look at our lovely strawberry Giving Tree snacks which perfectly into the handy GoStak!


2. Water Infuser Bottle – starting from £6.99 If you find drinking or even enjoying water a struggle, why not try infusing it with good stuff? Lemon, strawberry, cucumber – whatever you want! It all tastes amazing in water-y form. Just chop up your chosen fruit or veg, pop it into the little cage, fill the bottle with water and leave it in the fridge overnight. In the morning, drink up and delight in your delicious refreshment.

3. Vacu Vin Banana Guard – £2.49 If you love bananas this is for you, especially when you don't want them bruising . This handy guard allows you to transport your banana in safety, free of any nasty black marks. There are a few varieties of guard available, but we like this as it accommodates any shape banana!


4. A blender with a portable cup – starting from £19.99 When you're in rush in the mornings,  a good smoothie or shake for breakfast is perfect as it’s a quick way to get fruit inside your body. Now it’s even easier thanks to blenders that come with portable travel bottles or cups! Delicious and simple!

6. Food hugger and  avocado saver container - for when you have that half of an avocado ALWAYS left and it goes brown the next day, this is the perfect avocado saver! Say goodbye to brown fruit and veg


1 mile fitness!

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With growing Obesity issues throughout the UK, healthy eating as we all know is key to a healthy inside however, fitness should be incorporated into your daily lifestyle too,  1 mile a day of running / walking, whether it is to work, school, walking the dogs will all help your heart health

While a mile a day won't turn back the clocks and make you as fresh faced as a school child, here are just some of the ways it could change your life…



A study from the University of Georgia looked at using exercise as a treatment for fatigue. They tested three groups, one with low intensity work, one with moderate and one with none.

Both of the exercise groups had a 20% increase in energy levels by the end of the study.


While the exact number is variable based on weight, heart-rate and speed, most experts agree that on average people burn about 100 calories running for a mile.

Whether that contributes to a weight loss plan or allows you to eat a little more peanut butter in the morning - it's always good to have a calorie deficit to play with!


The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommends that people with mild to moderate depression take part in about three sessions of exercise a week.

While you may be fortunate enough to not suffer from depression, the positive effects are nothing to be scoffed at

Last year researchers found that the 'running high' activates the same part of the brain as marijuana!


Unsurprisingly, if you run a mile every day your fitness levels will go up. While you would have to up your millage if you were planning on running a marathon, simply being active every day will make a huge difference to your endurance and ability to process oxygen.


The running community is huge and even if you don't want to join a club - although there are great ones available - you can join the select few people putting in the work to maintain a #runstreak.

With a recent survey of British women finding that sports and the gym were their top hobby (88% of respondents) it's clear that this is a simple change that a lot of us could embrace!

Don't forget to refuel with a post workout snack of  Giving Tree crisps!


St Patrick’s Day Fun in…London!

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It’s all about the Emerald Isle this week. So here's our guide to the best 'craic'.

The official Parade was on Sunday 13th March in Trafalgar Square, with plenty of people and plenty of dancing!

However, come Thursday March 17, there will be LOTS of people dressed in green, and there will be plenty of celebrating including drinking, dancing and eating all around London too

St Patrick's Day Parade, London 2010

The dancing

Want to get your own feet moving? St Patrick's Day at Mr Fogg's Tavern Head down to the mystical world of Mr Fogg's Tavern on Thurs March 17th as his Irish cousin, Seamus Fogg, is in town and he's throwing a good old-fashioned hooley. Seamus will be bringing his favourite Irish band along to the party and an Irish stew and specially crafted whisky cocktails will be on the menu to celebrate St Paddy's Day.

Folk Of The Wood: St Patrick's Ceilidh Celebrate St Patrick's Day with this traditional dance featuring guest Irish dancers from the Mulvihill Academy. There will be plenty of Guinness at the bar and an Irish stew bubbling away.

Portico Gallery , West Norwood Friday March 18 2016

The eating

The Elmore Jam A father and daughter team present this supperclub which offers live musical accompaniment from a three-piece jazz band. Each event is themed around a different cuisine according to which chef is doing the cooking. Irish chef Úna Donohoe wil be providing a four course meal using Irish ingredients for a St. Patrick's Day special edition on March 17. She will be joined by traditional Irish band Beannacht Lá Fhéile Pádraig.

Secret London location , London Thursday March 17 2016

The Porterhouse, Covent Garden 21-22 Maiden Ln, WC2E 7NA

This vast place, split over 12 levels, has the gold medal from Brewing Industry International Awards (basically the Olympics of brewing). Its stout is truly Irish: handcrafted in Dublin and then shipped to us in London. Great Irish food and, in the basement, live rock music.

Not to mention our Giving Tree Broccoli Crisps! The perfect green snack to be munching on St Paddy's Day!

st pad 1

The drinking

It wouldn’t be St Paddy’s Day without a pint of the black stuff, and no London pub is more devoted to it than Soho’s Toucan. Vintage posters cover the walls, and you can even order a Guinness cocktail.  If you’d rather drink something less obvious than Guinness or Irish whiskey, try attending Last Libations at B&H Buildings, a tasting masterclass which on March 17 will include poitín. The Irish moonshine was so potent that it was banned for three centuries and only legalised in 1997. Time to get reacquainted.

And the leprechauns!

You can build your very own lucky mascot at Drink, Shop & Do’s papier-mâché leprechaun workshop on March 17. The crafty fun is free when you buy a drink. Bring some friends along so you’ll have company on the post-cocktail hunt for that blessed pot of gold

 st pads ft im

1st March..spring clean your health!

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So meteorologically speaking..we are finally into Spring! That's not to say Winter's temperatures are not still around though...

Are you still finding that you're often getting ill, aching and pretty exhausted! Instead of popping pills and vitamins to give yourself a health boost for spring, take a closer look at the habits that are making your health suffer and start feeling better today…


Seven in 10 Britons have lived with neck pain or back twinges for more than a decade according to a survey by the British Chiropractic Association, and these have been linked to insomnia, weight gain and depression. Sitting for extended periods could be the culprit. Get a standing desk so that you’re naturally moving around more – you should aim to take 10,000 steps a day. Using a treadmill desk and “walking while working” has been found to improve muscle pain, or just get up and move about as much as possible throughout the day.


Most of us know what we should be eating in order to stay healthy and keep our weight down, but are we kidding ourselves about how healthy our diet is? For example, knowing that oatcakes and nuts are far healthier options than, say, a Mars bar as a snack does not mean you can eat a handful of them whenever you feel peckish. If you can’t seem to lose weight, you’re probably eating more than you need. “Keeping a food diary can double your weight loss,” as it forces you to get real about the frequency of your food intake.

And be more realistic about quantities. According to the British Heart Foundation, our portion sizes have increased by more than 50 per cent in the last 20 years. Try using your hand to measure your portion sizes: A portion the size of the palm of your hand should be your protein, two fist-size portions for your vegetables/salad, one fist or less is your carbohydrates (potato, rice, pasta etc) and one fist for fruit. Follow this rule and you won’t overeat! To improve nutrition and save costs too, aim to buy food seasonly, a great Spring veg now in season in the UK is asparagus and rhubarb too!

Screenshot 2016-03-01 15.21.16


Always feeling overwhelmed by stress? Staying positive and counting your blessings can actually reduce those stressful feelings. Taking time – say, when brushing your teeth – to contemplate all the good in your life has actually been found to reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol by 23 per cent.And give your brain a break by having a tech amnesty – no mobile phone, laptop or tablet – after 9pm in the evening. Many of us check our emails in bed before going to sleep, which makes it difficult to really unwind and get a proper rest.A great technique for finding balance in your life is a “rainbow diary”, advises confidence and presentation expert Emma Stroud (pitchperfectclub.com). Take a box of felt-tip pens and designate a colour for each of the different areas of your life – green for health, blue for family, yellow for fitness, purple for fun etc.“As you ‘rainbow’ your diary, ie write down all your upcoming activities with the designated pens, notice if there’s any colour lacking. Not enough purple? You need to plan something fun. In this way, you maintain a healthy balance that enables you to get a real sense of wellbeing,” says Stroud.Screenshot 2016-03-01 15.27.26


We know that regular exercise boosts energy, improves sleep, combats all manner of health conditions and even protects your bones. Studies show that after your mid-twenties, bone density starts to diminish year on year, but doing exercise helps keep bones healthy and strong and reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

But far too many of us veer between over-committing to a fitness plan that we only manage to stick to for a few weeks and total inactivity, followed by weeks of guilt.

The crucial thing is to find an exercise routine you can actually stick to – and HIIT (high-intensity interval training) might just fit the bill, as you only need do it for a few minutes each session.  Google “HIIT workouts” – anything from seven to 30 minutes, and from full-body to specific areas such as legs, arms and chest.

Or take a particular exercise such as bicep curls and push yourself hard for 20 seconds then have a 10-second rest, repeating this eight times for optimum results. Get a HIIT app for your phone to take all the hard work out of timings. No excuses now, especially when we are getting more and more daylight every day and during Spring we have more hours daylight than darkness YAY!

Screenshot 2016-03-01 15.35.17

 Tag us in your favourite Spring Spots with Giving Tree snacks

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Snack O’Clock and the science behind it!

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Do you find it harder to stick to your diet at certain times of the day? You’re not alone, according to a survey conducted by Forza supplements

The th-ree most dangerous moments have been identified as 11.01am, 3.14pm and 9.31pm • Dieters can consume as many as 750 calories during these three vulnerable times – wrecking their chances of losing weight; • Coffee shops were identified as the biggest danger to dieters because even a simple latte from a high street chain is worth 190 calories;

Nutritionists say dieters should opt out of drinks rounds at work because they put themselves under peer-group pressure to consume unnecessary calories with colleagues.

The results are revealed in a new survey of 1,000 people by diet firm Forza Supplements.

The research demonstrated that there are three specific times in the day when we’re likely to throw out the healthy eating rule book: 11:01am, 3.41pm and 9:31pm. As much as 750 calories are consumed at these times of the day – enough to ruin even the strictest diet plan.

The findings point to key mistakes that dieters make. These include skipping breakfast (leading to making poor nutritional choices for an elevenses snack), tackling post-lunch stress with food, and succumbing to temptation late at night. The report also highlighted the high calorie count of an average coffee shop latte (190 calories).

Forza’s managing director Lee Smith, adds: ‘We are all becoming much more knowledgeable about nutrition and how to eat more healthily at traditional meal-times. It is at other vulnerable moments during the day – these Snack O’Clocks – when all the damage is done in diets.’


While there’s nothing wrong with snacking to keep energy levels up during the day, the study is useful in pointing out when we might make bad food decisions. Remember: preparation is key when sticking to a healthy eating plan. Be inspired by our round-up of nutritious snack ideas, instead.

Giving Tree snacks are here to help, the perfect snacks to try during your day are our 7 different varieties of fruit and veg crisps. When reaching for a chocolate bar, packet of crisps or cheese and crackers we have the perfect alternatives for those both sweet and savoury cravings!

Why not try our vegetable crisps dipped in reduced fat humous, tzatziki or guacamole or just as good on their own!

Our fruit crisps (apple, peach ,strawberry and mango) all make fantastic toppings for a bowl of natural yogurt or ontop of some fat free coconut yogurt..we love cofro! Take a look at the mouth-watering picture above, this was a fat-free, dairy free, gluten and refined sugar free coconut frozen yogurt with our yummy Giving Tree fruit crisps on top mmm!

Let us know your favourite healthy snacks and how've incorporated Giving Tree into your healthy snacking!

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Half-term fun with Giving Tree

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The kids are on half-term and you need to keep them entertained.. what better way than with some Giving Tree heart healthy and fun-filled half term tips!

Childhood is a crucial time for teaching your children about eating healthily, exercising regularly and instilling in them the healthy lifestyle habits that will see them through to a long, happy and healthy adulthood.

Teaching your children how to follow a heart healthy eating and exercise regime is particularly important nowadays, especially in light of new research showing that over two thirds of obese children show early signs of heart disease.

So, if you find yourself at a loss for things to do whilst looking after your kids this holiday, take a look at these fun-filled ideas that will not only keep your children entertained, but also help them get into the habit of eating and living healthily.


1. Eat breakfast: It’s true what they say about breakfast being the most important meal of the day – even more so for growing kids! Make sure your children (even if they’re having a lazy at-home holiday) start the day with a nutritious, heart-healthy breakfast packed with protein and complex carbs (whole grain cereal, porridge oats, wholemeal soldiers and eggs and granola and  milk all make great breakfasts!) You can add our delicious Giving Tree fruit snacks onto nearly any breakfast recipe for added nutrients, crunch and  flavour!


Steering clear of sugar-laden cereals and pastries first thing will avoid your children having a sugar slump (and craving more sugary foods) later in the day.

2. Indoor Olympics: Create your own DIY indoor Olympics during those inevitable rainy days stuck indoors during the holidays. Why not tie a piece of string across the room and let your kids bat a balloon over for a house-friendly alternative to volleyball? Use your imagination!

3. Let your kids play chef: Whether it’s chopping the carrots or peeling the potatoes, encouraging your kids to get involved in helping cook the family meals allows them to get hands on and familiar with the various healthy foods that make up each meal. Plus, they’ll more than likely be tempted to scoff the odd tasty carrot slice along the way!

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 12.06.424. Allow the odd sweet treat: When teaching your children to make heart-healthy food choices, this doesn’t mean never allowing them the odd chocolate bar as a little treat every now and then. In fact, letting them enjoy the odd treat should help make them aware of the importance of a varied diet.

5. Walk the dog: Dog-walking is a great way to get your animal-loving kids enjoying outdoor activities. Don’t own a dog? Then borrow your neighbour’s pet pooch! We’re sure they’d secretly be only too glad of a day off from walking their dog. Not only is this great exercise for your child, it’s also a really good fun

6. Go supermarket shopping: Chances are you don’t tend to take your children to the shops during school time when you just want to quickly whizz round the aisles and pick up dinner. Taking your child shopping, however, is a great way to introduce to and to explore new foods for themselves.

Make sure you spend lots of time in the fresh produce section to see which of the brightly-coloured fruit and vegetables your child’s attention is drawn towards. Get them to choose a piece of fruit or vegetable to try at home – who knows, they may even quite like the taste of the mango that they picked up!

So, which of these fun, heart-healthy half term activities will you be trying out with your children first? And remember, you don’t have to wait until the holidays to do these with your children – these are perfect for any weekend spent with your kids!


Healthy eating on a budget..it is possible, we promise!

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Healthy eating can often have a stigma attached to it, that you have to spend a fortune on exotic grains, superfoods and ingredients to prepare a healthy meal and it's too much out of the weekly budget for it to be truly affordable, especially for a family.

Whilst this might well be true for some people who really do live on very, very little money, most people would be surprised at how it doesn’t have to cost any more than buying junk food – it just takes a little bit of preparation, thought and some top Giving Tree tips!

Too often, people use their budget as an excuse not to buy healthy food. However, you will most likely spend less money now on food than buying ready made meals, takeaways and junk food.

Here are our top 20 guaranteed tips to help you maintain healthy goals without breaking the bank or without too much planning.


1. Cook everything from scratch – Yes, it is going to take you a little longer, but you are trying to get healthy, right? Clever marketing and ease of buying ready made 'healthy diet meals' most likely end up costing you a small fortune. DIY cooking not only saves money, but makes it a lot healthier than a ready made meal as you control what goes into your meals - e.g. no added salt and sugar. You don’t have to cook from scratch every day, most people don’t have time for that, so do some food preparation once a week.

2. Buy meat from a local butcher – this normally works out cheaper as you can buy meat in bigger packs and then freeze what you don’t need right away.

3 .Buy a whole chicken and cut it up to keep in the fridge – this can then be added to a variety of meals throughout the week or even cooking a whole chicken and then using the different cuts in soups, casseroles and baked dishes. Don’t forget to use the carcass to make a chicken stock for soups too.

4 .Eat more vegetarian meals – meat is expensive, no matter where you buy it from, so try eating a few more vegetarian meals a week. Replace meat for beans and you will save quite a bit of money and you will definitely be getting enough protein.


5. Buy fruit and vegetables from a local market, preferably a farmers market – not only is it great to buy locally as you are supporting your community and eating fresher food, it is usually much cheaper as well.

6.Save vegetable cuttings – put them in a bag in a freezer as and when you have them. Once the bag is full, you can make a vegetable stock with them!

7.Eggs are cheap, tasty and healthy – but always try to go for Free Range. You can also do so much with eggs - omelettes, frittatas, poached eggs, quiches..the list is endless!

8.Eat seasonally – eating out of season can really push your budget over the edge, so be aware of what is in season for where you live.

9.Have oats for breakfast –you'd be surprised at how much you can jazz up your porridge ,oats in bulk are cheap and they are healthy.


10. Find out when your local supermarket reduces food – this is great for buying meat, which you can freeze in portions.

11. Know your herbs and spices – you can buy dried herbs and spices very cheaply in bulk, and they can really transform a dish on a budget and they are great for curries. Just read up on what ones work well with what foods.


12. Drink only water, rather than sugary squash and fizzy drinks – I have the occasional tea or coffee, but generally it is just water. Water doesn’t have to be boring – try adding fresh lemon juice to jazz it up a bit. You’ll be surprised how much you save by cutting out drinks from your shopping list.

13.Make your own bread – flour is very cheap and with making your own bread, you can control what goes in it. When I make bread, I make 4 times as much dough and then portion it out and freeze the remaining dough in single loaf portions. Then, when I want bread, I defrost the dough and carry on from there. It’s all about planning ahead. I do this with tortillas and pizza dough too.

14. Portion control is key – most of us are eating way more than we should be, and that is where we could be saving money.

15 .Use a slow cooker – you can make so many cheap and healthy dishes in one of these, and all you have to do is throw it all in and leave it to cook. Cheaper cuts of meat are also perfect in these for delicious soft meat.

slow cooker

16. Buy in bulk – Go to your local health store and stock up on huge bags of beans and grains.

17. Shop around – don’t buy all your food from one shop, buy different things from the places you know you can get the cheapest from.

18. Make meals in bulk and freeze, for example let soup cool and then put it in zip lock bags to go in the freezer, as it saves space.

19. Cut back on takeaways – you can make healthier alternatives yourself and eat out less often – make it a fortnightly or monthly treat for somewhere you can really look forward to going too.

20. Portion control is key – most of us are eating way more than we should be, and that is where we could be saving money.

London’s best FREE fitness classes

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Now January is over, the month of resolutions and making changes - we think it's important you keep up the good work and to encourage you we've sourced the best fitness classes in London - and most of all.. they're FREE!

Keeping fit shouldn't cost a bomb. These fantastic free classes mean keeping fit, having fun and also a great opportunity to meet new, likeminded people too.

Here are our favourites..

Lululemon Yoga

10.30am-11.30am each Sunday

Lululemon’s Covent Garden flagship is more than meets the eye with their fantastic fitness wear. Every Sunday, products are pushed back to form an impromptu yoga studio. Class styles vary, with each led by instructors from local yoga hotspots. Make sure you check out the link and book early though..these spaces don't last long!


Nike+ Training Club

Nike+ Training Club, 6.30pm-7.30pm, every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Nike Home Run, the weekly NRC Home Run. Pick your pace. Pick your distance. Choose from a 5km, 7km or 10km run.

NRC coaches and pacers will help you to unlock some of London's most iconic sights on this social run. When you run with this crowd, there's a space for everyone, bring your friends and get ready to make a few more.

Find your next run through the link above, get ready to boost your running regime - ideal for beginners and intermediates


 Asics Running Club - Beginners

ASICS Running Club – The store team offers a friendly running club open to runners of all abilities. Managed by professional and highly experienced coaches, the ASICS Running Clubs feature a number of scenic routes throughout London. We depart twice a week from the store in Jubilee Place:

Tuesday 6.30pm* (4k run beginners & intermediate)Thursday 6.30pm (7k intermediate)

*Accessible for all levels. Arrive at the store ready to leave at 6.30PM

Sweaty Betty Pilates Club 6.30pm-7.15pm every Tuesday

To become eligible for the class, you’ll need to become a member, which is simple enough – just ask one of the staff to sign you up for free! Remember to book ahead.. check out their stylish fitness wear too!


Sweat Shop 7pm every Monday for 5km run; 7pm every Wednesday for 8km run

Running doesn't have to be repetitive. Sweat Shop’s run clubs, held at branches across London, aim to make it more sociable and that bit more fun. The entry level distance is 5K – but a pace keeper at the back means you won’t be left lagging behind. Each session logged earns you a stamp which can be redeemed against products in store, like a cardio Boots card - woo freebies!

Night Skate From 8pm, every Friday Forget spinning, theres a new set of wheels taking over London. This adrenalin-fueled team skate whizzes through London in darkness every Friday evening. Skaters meet at Hyde Park (Marble Arch end) at 8pm , lace up, and then take to the streets. Roller past the iconic London sights and enjoy the scenery, don't worry though team wardens stay at the front to warn traffic! We will add though, you need to be able to skate at a basic level! Perfect for you adrenaline junkies


Sweaty Betty Frame Barre Club 12.30pm-1.30pm every Wednesday

Lunchtime session in East London means a hip ballet / conditioning class. Always a sell out so book ahead and try something new!

P.S  - Don't forget.. the perfect snack post exercise to keep you satisfied and curbing those sweet cravings. Our Giving Tree range - 7 different packs to try available in WholeFoods, Planet Organic, Ocado, Holland & Barrett and more...


Check us out on our Social Media platforms..we LOVE to hear from you guys :)

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